Why Fans Believe Taylor Swift And Dianna Agron Become Covertly Dating

Why Fans Believe Taylor Swift And Dianna Agron Become Covertly Dating

Gather a€?round, folks, and permit us to inform you the story of two greatest blond women exactly who may or may not have actually outdated at one point.

Enthusiasts caught former Glee star Dianna Agron paying attention to Taylor Swifta€™s a€?Cardigana€? on Spotify on Oct. 26, and even though that will not look like a big deal, it is to Swifties vietnamese girls dating, because Agron and Swift happened to be reported to have dated at some point.

In addition to that, ita€™s rumored that Taylor wrote tunes about Dianna earlier, particularly the track a€?Wonderland,a€? that has been away from their 1989 record.

Become Dianna Agron and Taylor Swift matchmaking? Theories about their rumored romance.

Read on for all the details and concepts about Dianna and Taylora€™s reported relationship, and exactly why enthusiasts envision Dianna playing a€?Cardigana€? additional fuels their particular previous partnership hearsay.

Dianna Agron and Taylor Swift comprise rumored to have dated from 2011-2013.

Following pair met in 2011, Agron powered love hearsay making use of the a€?Look everything you helped me Doa€? performer during a looks on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Whenever Kimmel expected if Agron would date Swift, she answered, a€?Wouldna€™t that feel delicious?a€? then considered the digital camera, blew a kiss, and stated, a€?Hi, Taylor,a€? which tossed enthusiasts into an absolute frenzy.

In 2013, a Reddit consumer published a screenshot of a tweet from Taylor that read, a€?So We have an inside resource at Glee who was simply all a€?watch tonight – wea€™re doing all of your track. I hope that resource got proper [smiling emoji].”

The Reddit consumer then continued to express:

a€?The show airs, without Taylor song will be read. and Taylor sooner removes that tweet.

But websites (lots of numerous tumblrs and enthusiast discussion boards) start buzzing on overload because from inside the occurrence Dianna Agron’s personality happens bisexual. Since Dianna is actually Taylor’s pal so there ended up being conspiracies that they were key pair (or perhaps anyone wished that), everyone is believing that Dianna got certainly Taylor’s supply and deliberately was merely wanting to connect their directly into watch that event for personal grounds. Or maybe a scene with a tune got slash.a€?

Enthusiasts envision Taylor Swifta€™s a€?Wonderlanda€? is mostly about Dianna Agron.

In a very step-by-step Twitter bond, a Taylor-Dianna fan laid out all research that a€?Wonderlanda€? had been written about Agron, which both obviously got a key connection.

appropriate being viewed collectively in public areas many times and lots of matchmaking gossip their particular assumed separation were held someday in 2013, and taylor arrived on the scene together with the album yellow, and later began writing on her next record, 1989. you’ll find tracks on both albums considered about dianna pic.twitter/VOcrzujdY6

a€” hannah (@foolsludd) July 3, 2020

Many of the lyrics inside track integrate a€?fell on the rabbit hole,a€? which was the name of Dianna Agrona€™s Tumblr writings, and a€?didna€™t your flash your environmentally friendly eyes at me/ hasna€™t you heard what is of fascinated thoughts.a€?

Dianna have environmentally friendly eyes, additionally the keyword a€?curiousa€? alludes to a different Alice-in-Wonderland guide a€” Alice-in-Wonderland is regarded as Agrona€™s favored movies and she’s an Alice quotation inked on her behalf, thus why lovers think that a€?Wonderlanda€? is focused on the celebrity.

A Reddit user moved independently idea about their reported relationship, authorship:

a€?Wonderland: I believe along these lines one is no doublty [sic] about DA. This is exactly what started to see me personally convinced honestly concerning the articles I had see. Folks that simply don’t know, DA had a tumblr account called “down the rabbit hole” together with “all of us are mad here” tattooed on her behalf. DA comes with eco-friendly attention. In addition consider a€?Didn’t almost everything appear brand new and excitinga€™ maybe relevant to stepping-out of this comfort zone of their sexuality.a€?

Who’s a€?Cardigana€? about?

We possibly may never know exactly who Cardigan is about although undeniable fact that Dianna Agron ended up being caught hearing the song renders fans think it may be about this lady.

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In fact, three songs from the lady folklore record album inform a comparable facts about a fancy triangle between friends: a€?Betty,a€? a€?Cardigan,a€? and a€?August.a€?

When Taylora€™s shock album was released early in the day in 2010, enthusiasts were convinced that a€?Bettya€? was about a connection with a lady a€” either Karlie Kloss, whoa€™s for ages been rumored to own had a connection with Swift, or Dianna Agron.

But Taylor apparently set those hearsay to relax after she expose that the a€?Jamesa€? image in a€?Bettya€? ended up being that a heterosexual male.

Reddit customers think a€?Cardigana€? might actually getting about previous One course vocalist Harry types.

The two briefly outdated for a couple months in 2012, and Taylor famously had written this lady mega-bop a€?I Knew you had been Troublea€? about Harry types, along with some other music.

Okay thus hear me . I’m getting similar vibes from the Harry types slipping videos and Taylor Swift’s cardigan music video and happenstance it absolutely was released in the 10 season 1D wedding? I THINK NOT.#taylorswift #cardiganmusicvideo #harrystyles #crying #Folklore pic.twitter/5A9lkJylZH

a€” Brianna (@briannam511) July 24, 2020

When the a€?Cardigana€? movie premiered, fans had been fast to indicate all similarities that paralleled Harry Stylesa€™ a€?Fallinga€? musical video, in order to be truthful, ita€™s very difficult to refuse exactly how eerily comparable the clips tend to be.

Everyone knows Taylor Swift are a music mastermind and do not really does things accidentally, as a result it is reasonable why fans thought Harry designs is the topic of Cardigan, and not Dianna.