Strawberry Picking at a Strawberry Farm in Dahu, Taiwan

Strawberry Picking at a Strawberry Farm in Dahu, Taiwan

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All across Taiwan, Dahu is practically synonymous with strawberries. Every December to April, plump, juicy, vivid red strawberries from Dahu township in Miaoli County make their appearance in g d fresh fruit markets across the nation, utilizing the best people fetching prices that are high.

However for the most effective Taiwanese strawberry experience, nothing beats going straight to the heartland of strawberry farming in Taiwan. On weekends in cold weather, droves of domestic tourists descend on Dahu’s many U-pick strawberry farms.

With no see is complete with no stop at the Dahu Wineland Resort, where you are able to taste all types of strawberry flavored Taiwanese meals and drinks, from wine and beer to n dles and also sausages.

I first visited Dahu on assignment for Travel in Taiwan magazine, and much more recently I went once again with my parents and my two children. Our kids really loved strawberries that are picking so if you’re traveling in Taiwan with young ones, positively start thinking about adding it to your travel itinerary.

After our strawberry experience, we also enjoyed investing the night in a spring that is hot at Tai’an, just 20 minutes far from Dahu.

In this article I’m going to describe all you need to find out about visiting a Dahu strawberry farm while the Dahu Wineland Resort, as well as other strawberry farms in Taiwan, including Neihu strawberry farms in Taipei.

If driving, you can easily combine a visit to Dahu with lovely Tai’an hot spring, Flying Cow Ranch (probably one of the most popular farm themed areas in Taiwan) or Lion’s Head hill and Nanzhuang Old Street.

There is other off-the-beaten-track a few ideas in the area in my guide to ideal things to do in Miaoli County. There are also lots of enjoyable activities to do simply throughout the county border in Taichung!

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Whenever could be the Taiwan Strawberry Season?

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The strawberry season in Taiwan lasts from December to April, with January and February being the months that are peak. This year coincides with winter in Taiwan, if the conditions that are climatic growing strawberries are perfect in Dahu and some other places in Northern Taiwan.

If you’re residing in Taiwan, you might have pointed out that at this time, strawberry vendors seem to pop up in conventional areas and in random places on the street all over the country, all selling “Dahu strawberries.”

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Because wintertime can be quite a little chilly in Taiwan, it is also an ideal time for visiting nearby Tai’an hot springtime, simply we visited like we did when. I’ll suggest some hotels that are g d the “where to stay” section below!

Why Is There Therefore Many farms that are strawberry Dahu?

Strawberries are not really indigenous to Taiwan. Strawberry seedlings were first imported from Japan within the 1930s, however the fresh fruit didn’t catch on until really Marshall strawberries were earned from the US into the 1950s. Into the early days of strawberry production, farmers discovered that Dahu provided the right conditions required for growing them acid soil abundant with natural product, c l environment, sufficient drainage, and a drop in daytime-to-nighttime temperatures.

In the 1970s, farmers began selling their strawberries along Provincial Highway 3, which operates past Dahu. Demand across Taiwan rose quickly, also to match it, farmers started passersby that is allowing select unique. Hence U-pick came to be in Taiwan! Today, U-pick strawberry farms in Miaoli are so popular that the highway could possibly get totally jammed with traffic on weekends in strawberry season.

You can learn much more about the reputation for strawberry farming in Miaoli and Taiwan during the Dahu Wineland Resort’s strawberry museum (see below).

Getting to Dahu for Picking Strawberries

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Dahu Township is found in between Tai’an and Zhuolan townships in southern Miaoli, because of the border with Taichung City a short distance to the south.

By car, Dahu is really a 1.5 to drive that is 2-hour Taipei, depending on the traffic. You’ll get off Provincial Highway 1 in Gongguan Township, take Highway 72 then and merge onto Provincial Highway 3. From main Taichung City, you can drive there in about an hour or so.

By general public transport, first get to Miaoli facility by bus or regular (TRA) train. Then visit coach 5656 for 50 minutes ( or more with traffic jams) to Activity Center end for Dahu Wineland Resort into the Dahu town center, or continue on to Shuitouliao Bridge stop (ж°ґй ­еЇ®ж©‹) for Tricycle Strawberry Fields, the strawberry farm I shall introduce below.