Use It: Important Tricks On Eventbrite Application On Android That Will Blow Your Mind (With Screenshots).

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“The layout of the site could be confusing at times where an unititated user might be confused as to where their tickets were as opposed to other features within the app.” “Check-in process is easy, ticket sales are super easy and an excellent main hub for all events, big or small. Using this software just makes the entire event process and experience smoother.” Team Astrea IT can assist you in the above integration, as the team has already integrate Eventbrite with salesforce for various events. This integration is the best approach to up-to-date your integration efforts to appoint a data manager to inspect the whole process. To make sure you get paid for your ticket sales, it’s hard to enter your payout details. If you are using Salesforce as a CRM to manage your work, you can easily perform Eventbrite Salesforce Integration, as it provides an API for that.

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In 2010, Eventbrite sold more than 10 million tickets via its platform. Then in 2017, annual ticket sales exceeded 200 million. There are many features to look out for when you decide on an app to sell tickets with.

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  • ThunderTix offers Download Eventbrite APK for Android four pricing plans—Small Events, Growing Business, Established Business, and Enterprise.
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But with API documentation code examples, you want to keep code examples simple. Simply showing the payload returned in the browser is sufficient for a UI developer. However, for testing it’s fun to make content actually appear on the page. Click the Headers tab and add your own OAuth token in place of PERSONAL_OAUTH_TOKEN. To get event information, we’ll use the event object, which “represents an Eventbrite Event.” (The Eventbrite API uses the term “objects” instead of resources.”) Specifically, we’ll use Retrieve. Eventbrite is an event management tool, and you can interact with it through an API to pull out the event information you want.

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Create a professional, seamless experience for your attendees at every stage of your event. Our experience in working with Eventbrite and other event apps is what you need. Once you meet your dream team, you can start bringing your ideas to life and build the platform that your fellow townsmen and local event planners have been looking for.