Titan Poker

Best customer Service

Titan Poker was given the title of Greatest Customer Poker services 2008, or”best customer service”, by Gambling Online publication. A prestigious award to its seriousness, professionalism and reliability of just one of many Top Poker Rooms that in the past few years was able to win the hope of a”army” of gamers propagate all over the world. Here are a few excerpts from your Gambling Online (GOM) interview with the manager accountable of Titan Poker’s consumer assistance, interpreted in the very greatest possible manner (therefore much can precisely the content matter, right?) .

What was the most important goal accomplished by Titan Poker?

To start with, I’d like to thank GOM for the recognition and also with this exclusive award which we’ll have at a position of honour of our trophy exhibit or. The largest accomplishment for Titan Poker was accomplished earlier this year when the”watchdogs” of the poker industry detected that the rapid growth of the iPoker Network and imputed it because the greatest non-US Poker Network. Online poker was and is illegal in the US since 2006). And Titan was the most significant poker room on the iPoker circuit thus when iPoker acquired this recognition we knew we ended up succeeding.

What was the largest problem to overcome?

Growing was not straightforward. To support this exponential increase in consumer base, with no decreasing the standard of assistance, we have been driven to dramatically boost the magnitude of customer services. The purchaser comes for all of us , it appears, we have achieved nicely.

Which will be the goals?

With so a lot of RootCasino New Zealand award winning casinos at our stable, we are literally spending whole moneys to develop Titan Poker at the best possible way and certainly will be launch plenty of new features since the first quarter of 2009. We are advancing Titan Poker’s VIP agency based around the comments from our clients, and we also expect that our clients’ enjoyment and normal stay to increase significantly later on. From the software perspective , we mean to supply an ever greater user expertise for simplicity of use, lightness, picture quality and so forth… 2009 is going to be a fantastic year for Titan.

What lets Titan to dominate your contest?

For our Titan Poker model name , we devote a lot of interest about positioning and marketing against the competition. And if we look in the massive level of gamers we still now have online at any certain time , we can express the outcomes of our hard work proved perhaps not long in coming. Realistic tournaments, easy-to-use software and outstanding 24/7 customer service in 12 distinct languages ​​make Titan Poker available and pleasurable for anyone, in any degree. New gamers hoping poker to the firsttime have been introduced into the match without any trauma. Thanks to the calm and favorable atmosphere and the massive money bonuses over your first deposit. Knowledgeable players can find myriads of tournaments to participate directly into examine their skills: we now have $20 million values of tournaments on a monthly basis (and till it had been just 2 million – how far we have grown!) . With this kind of a mass of additional players each month coming to engage in Titan Poker and causing its constant expansion, the proof of our success continues to be self-evident. And there is no lack of poker specialists . The brand new VIP system, with amazing giveaways and bonuses and tournaments that are exciting, including the $ 2.5 million month-to-month Tournament.

This recognition you’ve given us isn’t just our virtue: it had been that the players themselves who left our progress and our quality so highquality. Maintaining excellent with so many personnel is hard and, like I like to remind myself often, it isn’t hard to find five managers, but it is not so simple to locate a very excellent cleansing woman! With careful staffing, then we’ll continue to supply the best possible support.